In order to get to where you want to be in life you must re-align your energy so your energy matches that of your Goals and Dreams. At a conscious level we are unable to move forward and truly manifest all of our desires because at a subconscious level we are blocked. Often it is in our subconscious where we find the patterns that hold us back, keep us safe and sabotage ourselves from taking the right action that will lead us to successfully fulfilling our Dreams and Goals. I found that all my clients were not energetically a match to their Goals and Dreams because of their past where a situation created a story which then transformed into a belief that was not supporting them. These can be at mental and emotional level. 

In this Intuitive Coaching & Healing Session we will address the key blocks you have that are holding you back from living your life in pure alignment and we will get to the root cause your energy to your Dreams and Goals so you are back on track. Think of this as a fine-tuning of your energy fields. This session is purely guided by intuition, depending on what you need you will receive a combination of either of the following techniques I use:

  • Coaching (to Empower you to find the answers within yourself)
  • Reiki (to Cleanse, Balance and Energise your Chakras)
  • Letting Go Breathwork (to Physically Let Go of energy blocks in your body)
  • Subconscious Release Technique (for Limiting Beliefs transformation and re-writing the Subconscious Mind thought patterns)
  • Angel Readings (intuitive Oracle readings)

All of my sessions begin with a grounding technique, celebration energy and end with you feeling uplifted and leaving with powerful breakthroughs.

Book an Intuitive Coaching & Energy Healing Session£249 (90 mins)

 "I have been lucky to have known Anushka for the last few years and my first criteria to selecting people to ask for support is if they are committed to their own personal development. I can wholeheartedly recommend Anushka for her commitment, support, insight and help that she has provided to me and I can honestly say that I am a much better person for knowing her and working with her, not only for realisations of my goals but for something more important than achieving a goal; for helping me realise that I have all the resources I need to achieve any goal I want."

Toni Switzerland