Peace Healing (Shaanti meaning Peace in Hindi)

After Coaching since 2015, and working with both Men and Women across the World, I noticed that when I introduced the Energy Healing Modalities I have learnt into my Coaching Programs, the results my clients were getting were exponential and were happening very quickly! This got me thinking..."what was shifting in my clients that created these quantum reults?"

I noticed through the different Energy Healing Modalities I was using we were actually bringing peace to their past.
It didn't matter if their Goal was related to:


When we started focusing on healing their past it created space for miracles to manifest.  In all my Shaanti Healing work through the power of intuitive coaching we look at the root cause and source of the energy block that is holding you back from manifesting what you want in life. Sometimes this is an Emotional block and other times its a Mental one. We remove all the negative energy attached to it.
This is when true alignment happens and from this space you can manifest everything you desire. This is applicable to all aspects of your life. When your Energy opens up to your Desires, you start to experience miracles.

Energy Healing has changed my life in many ways and that of my clients. There are 3 ways to work with me: