Open Heart Communication

“Take time to open your heart”

Hey! Firstly thanks for taking the time to read this blog post. It’s a special and personal one.

In light of Mental Health Awareness month I wanted to write about my personal opinion on the importance of open heart communication.

Firstly although there are so many more people talking about Mental Health, in my opinion it is still a taboo topic in most communities especially those that are minorities or come from less developed countries. In most of those places Mental Health is not common, instead it is known as Mental Health issues. They denominate it to issues before even understanding the concept. I tie this down to previous cultural programming and a lack of self-education.

I know growing up for me when I was the age of 8 and my parents began travelling a lot to India very frequently this had a huge effect on both my mental and emotional health. In the same year I changed schools in the middle of the school year because my brother was being bullied in our previous school. These drastic changes didn’t only cause a deep sense of sadness in my little heart, it also caused me to live in fear, dealing with abandonment issues and creating a layers of protection for myself, in the form of extra weight. I started to grow really quick physically, mentally and emotionally. I remember not relating to a lot of my friends in school because I felt no one had gone through the “trauma” I had and therefore no one understood my feelings the way I did.

I only discovered these truths about myself when I was studying to become a Health Coach. I was on a very intense weight loss journey and as I was studying what truly is the underlying cause of human disease I noticed it was actually emotional dis-eases. When we are out of ease with our emotions and not feeling happy, loved, fulfilled, joyful and elated then we start to attract physical diseases like anxiety, depression, stress, heart issues, hormone imalances, and more. Still I was not comfortable opening about about it to people around me and certainly not writing a blog post about it!

What I have learned through my journey as a Coach and Healer is the importance of HEALING these issues. If you keep supressing your feelings and not healing them it will cause you more stress and discomfort. Perhaps like me you went through some uncomfortable situations in your childhood or perhaps in your teenage-hood or even adulthood. You need to heal them in order to truly feel liberated from them.

One of my goals this year has been to improve my communication with friends, family, relatives, clients and essentially everyone I interact with. I noticed my throat was blocked a lot at the beginning because I was not expressing my true self, nor was I having strong boundaries of what is acceptable to me and what isn’t and more than that I was not sharing how I truly felt when people crossed the line with me. I was still keeping this inside of me because of the fear of the reaction I would get from them. At first it’s easy but eventually keeping so much in causes you to feel erruptions of anger at the smallest things, which wasn’t healthy for me.

So I began a deeep healing process in January of this year. I started combining all the healing tools I had available to me and began implementing them. I was combining meditation, use of crystals, food as medicine, journaling and Reiki. I started to notice a difference within 3-4 weeks. Now that I have been doing this for a few months I even have the courage to write about it.

The result of this work I have done on myself over the past 5 months is open HEART COMMUNICATION. I call it Heart Communication because the way we communicate how we FEEL truly has to come from the HEART. Not from an ego-driven craving that requires us to feel loved, validated or approved. This will make us communicate from EGO which is not connected to our heart. From this space we often say things we don’t mean, intend to or want to. We become very logical and guard our heart from getting hurt, so we say mean things to other people. We also get ourselves into misunderstandings.

Practicing open HEART COMMUNICATION has allowed me to feel stronger in my power, receive responses to my email newsletters (I would hardly get peopl ever responding to me), have deeper connections with the people I am close to, filter out the people who are not in alignment and lovingly let go of them. If you begin to communicate with an open heart you will notice how others pick up on it, receive it and reciprocrate with that type of communication. It will help you heal your relationships, value the people you love, understand others better and feel more LOVE.