Full Moon in Scorpio Ritual

A great time to release what no longer serves you

Tonight we have a very powerful Full Moon in Scorpio! This is also a seasonal Blue Moon so extremely powerful if you tap into the Energy of it! I have channeled a very special ritual for you to do today! This Full Moon is about further connecting with your Ideal Self. We have been called in 2019 to really look at how we are showing up in the world? Are you showing up in the most authentic version of your Self. Are you connected to your Higher or Ideal Self? Are you embodying him/her?

For this ritual you will need:
– 3 Sheets of White Paper (A4)
– Blue Pen
– Glass of Water
– 1 Tea Light Candle
– Sage (in the form of incence stick or in the form of a stick with lose leaves. Please note I don’t recommend using Palo Santo any longer as it is going extinct).
– Matches
– Crystal of your choice (optional)

Step 1. 
Light the sage and smudge your space where you will perform this ritual. It is important that you either use some light music to enhance the vibration of the environment or repeat a mantra to aid you with the process of cleansing and smudging your space. One I recommend is:

Step 2. 
Light the candle and as you look at the flame take a few deep breaths. As the ritual is focused on a journaling exercise I suggest you do your own meditation or use the one I have recorded for you in order for you to cleanse your channel of energy (your Chakras) so that you are able to connect with your Ideal Self for the journaling part. My meditation is available here.

Step 3. 
Once you have completed your meditation take each sheet of paper write the following questions and journal on them in the following order:
1. What can I let go of in my life that is no longer in alignment with my Ideal Self?
2. What is my vision of my Ideal Self?
3. How can I be my Ideal Self every day?
Once you have the answers to each, hold your crystal in your dominant hand and read out loud each of your answers. The answers to the first question must go so you can get rid of that sheet in the following ways:
Burn the paper
Flush it down the toilet
Cut the paper and throw it in the bin
(Please choose whichever one FEELS GOOD to you)

Step 4. 
Keep the other two sheets with you, either on your alter or near your bedside table and ready it once a day out loud so you are reminded what you are to focus on in this Full Moon. You will see the most powerful results if you do this consecutively for 3 to 7 days! Ideally in the morning but any time of the day that suits you! (I am all about making this easy for you) 🙂

Step 5. 
Keep the Glass of Water with your crystal of choice out in the Moon Light to be charged tonight and when you wake up tomorrow morning drink the water on an empty stomach. Moon water is very cleansing for the body! (Put out your candle or leave it on your altar overnight)

You can do this ritual either tonight or tomorrow night, depending on how you are feeling and your plans for this weekend but I highly recommend doing it as it will really open your Energy up so that you are able to experience more miracles in your life! I hope you ENJOY this FULL MOON to the fullest! I am already devouring on it’s beautiful energy. I can sense it is going to bring some powerful shifts for all of us and I am very excited for that! Personally for me it has been a very special and exciting week with SO many beakthroughs, AHA’s and lot’s of fun moments. 

Have a lovely weekend and please let me know if you have any questions!