Do you set powerful and inspiring Goals and then find that you struggle to make ALL of them happen?
I hear you, I’ve been there too, so keep reading!


In 2015 I set a ton of very inspiring Goals, ranging from losing more weight to launching my own online business whilst I was certifying to be a Coach and to add to it I wanted to manifest a soulmate! Yes, basically I wanted it all and I wanted it to happen ASAP. I was determined to make it all happen in 2015. After all, my mentors said that if I use the Law of Attraction I can attract and create everything I want, right? What I didn't know was that my energy was not in alignment with my Goals. So although I wanted all of this and believe I could achieve it, my energy was not connected to these Goals, and therefore I was not making them happen!

I realised this on the 31st of December 2015 when I was sitting in Karachi, Pakistan after having food poisoning and spending New Year's Eve on my bed with my journal. It hit me, I failed at my Goals. It was the worst feeling ever. I was preaching positivity and dreaming big, yet I couldn't get myself to Dream any bigger for 2016 because I was scared I would fail again. That's when I realised I had to set achievable Goals and work on my energy and that was my focus for 2016. The result? I hit every one of my 14 Goals which included running a 10k run, increasing my income in my Business, and learning out to drive; I finally got my driving license after 10 years! (It was all because I aligned my energy to the Goal).

So let me ask you: are you struggling with setting Goals that you are not achieving no matter how hard you work? The SECRET is not in working harder, but working on your energy. If you are ready to CRUSH your GOALS then I invite you to check out my GOAL CRUSHING INTENSIVE. In this 2 hours intensive 1:1 call with me we will identify what is holding you back ENERGETICALLY from achieving your goals quickly, easily and effortlessly.

Goal Crushing Intensive

A 2 hour Intensive with a follow up session to support you in confidently creating an actionable Strategy to make your Goals happen and align your Energy so they are connected to these Goals!

You can achieve all your Goals! It’s actually easier than you think!

What do I guarantee?
- You will be CRYSTAL CLEAR on your Goals
- You will feel PUMPED to act on these Goals
- You will become UNSTOPPABLE when it comes to achieving SUCCESS

What's included?
A two-hour intensive where I will:
- Coach you and we will practice Energy Clearing (through breath-work, Reiki and Akashic Record Reading)
-  1x 45-minutes follow up session (two weeks after your Intensive)
- 24/7 email support in between your Intensive and follow up session
- Additional resources (worksheets, audios, books, etc.)

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Success is a Decision Away!

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What my clients have said:

"Anushka has a great natural instinct as a coach to help you uncover and overcome your limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from crushing your goals and being your absolute best. She provides some very helpful tips to be able to apply these in your life to always be on top of your game. Behind any top performer in any field there’s a coach that’s driving them forward. For me that person is Anushka!"
Mitul Shah
Property Investor & Developer
(London, UK)

"It can be very easy to feel deflated in a world filled with judgment and distractions which often can tip you off your path to fulfilment. Doing Anushka’s intensive provided me with the right tools, encouragement and guidance needed for me to realign with my goals and ambitions. Keeping track of my progress and staying motivated are just a few of the many useful tools I gained from the Intensive! Anushka’s unique approach to coaching makes it all the more enjoyable - every minute is filled with light and enjoyment!"
Merch Husey
(London, UK)

"I had a two-hour goal crushing intensive with Anushka. As a result of the session I immediately felt much calmer and more in-tune with myself. I stopped feeling desperate for positive actions. However, the most wonderful thing was that at the end of the session, the prospect that I has been waiting for said yes to my offer."
Richard Smith
(London, UK)

Sam Adewunmi
Actor and Entrepreneur
(London, UK)