Hi. My name is Anushka Lalwani and I am the founder of this online community for Men. This group is a social platform for like-minded Men to connect with one another across the world. In 2016 after spending over a year working with clients on their Health Goals I decided to focus on working specifically with Men. I was listening to "Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus" when I understood the primary needs of Men (Masculine Energy) and Women (Feminine Energy) and intuitvely knew that I was meant to work with Men. I know it is my mission in life to work with and empower the Divine Masculine Energy. I noticed a need for a brotherhood-like community of like-minded Men and that is how #empowerMen was born. I didn't want to limit this to a location so I decided it was going to be a global online community, a virtual brotherhood.

The purpose of #empowerMen is to connect like-minded Men across the world who have an interest in personal development, are looking to grow within their Corporate job, are transitioning between the Corporate World and Entrepreneurship or are Business Owners. The idea is to have an online community where you can network, ask for tips, seek motivation and share business and collaboration opportunities as well as sell your products and services to other members. The key characteristic that you must have to join my community is to have a core desire to learn how to become a KING in your life. You want to learn how to take charge and are willing to tap into the power of your Masculine energy and learn how to balance your Feminine Energy. My vision is to see more Men around the World empowering themselves and supporting each other so they can be, do and have everything they want and live life to their fullest potential: mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically.

I specialise in helping Men crush their goals through a goal-setting system I have developed which includes a combination of strategy, action plans, designing a dream schedule that is in alignment with you combined with breath-work, Reiki and Akashic Record readings. This is a unique blend of Mindset & Energy work. If you are ready to work with me then click here.

Why join our community?

To connect with other like-minded Men all across the Globe. We have members in our community from the UK, USA, India, Denmark, Spain, France, Switzerland, Pakistan and many other locations. Imagine networking with and being able to engage in business activities with people from all over the world from the comfort of your home and laptop! Join us in #empowerMen.

Where can you find us?