About Me

Hello! My name is Anushka Lalwani and I am excited for you to get to know me and look forward to getting to know you too! I am originally from Barcelona, Spain and have an Indian background. My own Spiritual journey began back in 2013 when I attended my first Law of Attraction conference in Dusseldorf, Germany. It truly changed my life and I felt like I was reborn. Since first coming in contact with the teachings of the Law of Attraction and attending multiple conferences across the globe in Germany, France, USA, the Bahamas and UK. I have implemented this information in my life and it has facilitated achieving all of my Dreams that I never thought were possible from a crazy weight-loss transformation, to getting multiple promotions in my job when I was working in the corporate world, to leaving it eventually and setting up my own online business which I run today between London and Barcelona. 

I am a certified Health Coach and a Reiki Master Practitioner and I use both my Coaching and Energy Healing skills to help Men energetically align themselves to their Dreams. I recently also started working with Women who are interested in my services as an Energy Healer. Scroll down to learn more about my entire story...


My Background Story

I was born and raised in Barcelona to an Indian family that migrated from India to Spain in 1986. Although they have established themselves in Barcelona they are very connected to their Indian roots. This has been both a blessing and curse as it created a lot of confusion within me from a very young age. The Spanish education system and culture taught me that Women are independent and work/have a career, whereas the Indian culture at home taught me that Women are co-dependent on their fathers and husbands (when they get married) and usually don't work as the Men are responsible to bring in the money. As a child I remember not belonging to any of the two cultures because I couldn't identify entirely with any of them. This caused a lot of frustration within me because I have always been extremely ambitious and had a strong desire to achieve something big in my life but my Indian parents had other plans for me, namely to get married and settle down with a husband they would choose for me. I couldn't see myself living the life they had planned for me and being a housewife like my mother. I have so much respect for my mother and all housewives around the world, I just couldn't see myself living that lifestyle of staying at home and looking after the kids. I believe in the concept of a conscious Marriage where both Man and Woman are a team together and work in supporting each other with their journeys to success: whatever these may be. 
This hunger for my Dreams brought me to London in 2011 where I began my corporate career in HR and Payroll. I have worked in different roles and companies and as much as I enjoyed it eventually I realised I did have the Business Owner spirit in me of my father which led me to start my own online business back in 2015 where I launched my first online Health Coaching practice. I was working with clients helping them transform their relationship with their health, food and emotions. I then discovered the Masculine and Feminine Energy and this led me to working with and empowering Men from 2016 onwards. I have a very strong and healthy relationship with my Masculine energy and naturally Men were always drawn to work with me which made me realise my Soul Purpose in life: to empower Men! So I founded an online community called #empowerMen, a virtual brotherhood where I connect conscious Men globally around the world with each other for business opportunities, motivation, to share tips, reach out whenever they feel stuck and celebrate their wins so they can show each other what is possible when you are living in your Soul Power, the essence of your Masculine Energy! My vision is to create more conscious KINGs in this world so with all the beautiful conscious QUEENs we already have we will eventually be able to have more conscious Families.